Salus Bijoux

Salus Bijoux Infant Life Vest (4kg-12kg) - Lime


A Canadian infant life vest recommended for 4kg - 12kg.. 

The Salus Bijoux Baby Vest is not a scaled down adult PFD. It is constructed specifically for babies top/head-heavy body structure and takes into account the real way a babies body would behave in the water. Its one piece front design absolutely ensures that the baby will turn face up when in the water.


  • Easy to reach lifting strap.
  • 3 piece collar design contours around baby's head for security and comfort. 
  • Easy access into vest with the two shoulder adjustment buckles. 
  • Short front for enhanced comfort while in the sitting position. 
  • Adjustable mesh and webbing harness system for security, venting and comfort. 
  • Cool-Tech Aerospacer liner for breathability, temperature control and drainage.

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